Geographic locations of public safety services. A Montréal Open Data project.

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Montréal Just in Case is an open source Android application that provides you with the geographic locations and addresses for five public safety services:

The source of the data is the City of Montréal on its Open Data Portal.

Open Data

This project was done in collaboration with Montréal Ouvert.

Data sources are KML files provided by the City of Montréal:

  1. Fire Stations
  2. SPVM Stations and their coverage areas
  3. Water Supplies
  4. Emergency Hostels

Open Data License of the City of Montréal.

Locations of health services were manually added from Portail santé mieux-être du gouvernement du Québec.


Developed By Mudar Noufal <>

This GPLv3 project includes (thanks!) libraries and derivative work of the following open source projects, all released under the Apache License v2.0:

Also includes Google Play Services and Crashlytics SDK.


Montréal Just in Case
Copyright (C) 2011  Mudar Noufal <>

Geographic locations of public safety services. A Montréal Open Data

This file is part of Montréal Just in Case.

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